pure&simple - Natural mineral beauty

„pure&simple - Let your skin breathe...“

pure&simple is natural mineral beauty for you. Our makeup is made from 100% pure crushed minerals and the highest quality ingredients without any chemicals and fillers added.

pure&simple mineral makeup feels light, airy and clean and lets your skin truly breathe all while providing the complete coverage you expect and desire. You’ll be amazed that a product so natural and weightless hides all of the skin’s imperfections including acne and rosacea. It’s also the perfect makeup to use after a dermabrasion procedure and very light chemical peel. And because it’s completely natural, pure&simple mineral makeup is perfect for anyone with sensitive skin or skin allergies.

In addition to foundations, we offer blushes to add life and color to your cheeks as well as bronzers to give you that ‘sun-kissed look’ or even enhance the color and tone of your current tan.

pure&simple is made in the U.S. and of the production process is overseen by us to ensure you the finest and purest products possible. None of our products are tested on animals. And unlike other mineral makeup, pure&simple was tested in Prague (by Department of Cosmetic Products) for purity and has been approved for sale in the European Union.

In addition to our cosmetic products, we also offer a line of quality cosmetic brushes made from natural animal bristles and designed specifically for the application of mineral makeup. These brushes are guaranteed animal-cruelty free.

With pure&simple, you have everything you need to take your face and skin to the peak of health and beauty.

We have expanded our e-shop and added a new mineral cosmetics line brand "ERTH” and natural cosmetics EnvyDerm eyelash care and lip care.

ERTH is also produced in the U.S., made from 100% natural minerals and offers a variety of natural products such as mineral eye shadows. EnvyDerm natural cosmetics from USA will take luxurious care of your lashes so they will be thicker and stronger.  ERTH Products and EnvyDerm can be perfectly combined and used together with our other pure&simple branded products.

Choose pure&simple for basic and necessary skin care for your face and ERTH along with Envyderm as a supplement which adds even more color and emphasizes the natural beauty and highlights of your face.

p.s. – Want beautiful skin? The clear choice is pure&simple.